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EB-3 Green Card

The EB3 visa grants permanent residency (a green card) to qualified individuals. You may be eligible for an EB3 visa if you are a skilled worker, professional, or unskilled worker. We specialize in the " Unskilled Worker" category. The majority of our sponsors do not require work experience. The beneficiary can work and live with his family in the United States, for an initial period of ten renewable years and may apply for American citizenship after five years as a permanent resident.

the United States Government allocates 10,000 visas each year for employment-based sponsorship through EB-3 for employers that have proven labor shortages in unskilled work positions. Almost anyone from any country is able to apply for the EB-3 visa if they have an employer willing to sponsor them, and if they are willing to work in an unskilled work position. the eb-3 "other workers" visa leads directly to permanent green card status for you and if applicable you spouse and unmarried children under 21 years of age.

Green Gates EB-3 process 

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